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Thanks to stable telecom solutions (VSAT, RADIO, CABLE, FIBER OPTIC), VIPNET allows you to interconnect your remote offices, nationally and internationally, at the speed of your choice; thus promoting better sharing of your resources.
Interconnection by VSAT, BLR, WIRELESS DSL, Optical fiber

VIPNET is your partner for the interconnection of all your structures with each other by means and techniques adapted to each given situation. This range of solutions is based on VSAT, Optical Fiber for long distances, Local Radio Loop, WIRELESS DSL and Optical Fiber for small and medium distances.

Interconnection by VSAT
Vsat technology provides access to various services that can be individualized such as high-speed Internet, interconnection of remote sites, telephony (VOIP), videoconferencing, etc. The commissioning of the Vsat solution is very fast and very suitable for companies.

  • Competitive solution in terms of cost.
  • Available anywhere (within satellite coverage).
  • A very high level of reliability and high availability of the service.
  • A flexible and scalable solution.
  • Centralized management and administration of the end-to-end transmission chain.

Fiber optic interconnection
The power of Fiber Optics promotes communication between your different sites (from 2 to more than 50 sites). Application exchanges and communication within the company become instantaneous: make your work collaborative and simplify the organization of your IT network. In addition, the increased availability of Optical Fiber allows you to secure your activity thanks to a high availability of the X service.

Interconnection via BLR WIRELESS DSL
VIPNET interconnection solutions allow customers to quickly and securely exchange data between multiple sites. These solutions are as follows:
Solutions d'interconnexion de réseaux LAN (Local Access Network)
Wide Access Network (WAN) interconnection solutions
Engineering and network configuration services: VPN (VirtualPrivate Network), BLR (Local Radio Loop).
Our network interconnection solutions are based on your own ultra modern network based on BLR (Local Radio Loop) technologies. The Local Radio Loop Interconnection Network (BLR) is primarily intended for businesses and other multi-site organizations.

With the interconnection of your different sites:
telecommunications bills are drastically reduced.
Data security with encryption protocols
Sustainability of the investment
Simplification of infrastructures
Facilitation of administration and mobility
Facilitation of integration with the information system

Specialized Links

VIPNET's leased line solution guarantees a permanent, fast, stable and dedicated Internet connection. The data transmission technologies used are radio, satellite, cable or optical fiber. It is a product dedicated to companies to allow them to benefit from a tailor-made service with a quantifiable quality of service (QoS). The speeds offered vary from 128 Kbps to several tens of Mbps.

Granular management of subscribed bandwidth is possible from our core network so as to provide the customer with Internet quality that meets their requirements (prioritization of certain flows). The data transmission technologies used for this type of service can vary from radio (WIRELESS DSL, Microwave), via satellite, and optical fiber with a speed ranging from 128 Kbps to 200 Mbps.



Colocation in our data center enables businesses to achieve the redundancy and resilience of a high-quality data center, without the major investments required in cooling, power, cabling and security associated with setting up of a data center. Take advantage of our existing infrastructure to maximize the availability of your servers, whether you need space for a server, routers or network equipment.

You consider:
  • hosting your servers, guaranteeing the availability of your data and applications
  • make access to your applications and information system more reliable
  • to store your IT resources in a secure site
  • the creation of a back-up or PRA / PCA site
We offer to meet your needs, our
solution VIPNET Colocate:
  • Rental of racks with redundant energy (AC / DC)
  • High performance peering: over 700+ agreements and 3 third-party type 1 interconnections
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Secure access to servers by biometrics, cameras, badges and codes
  • Easy interconnection between customers and local loop providers (LAP: Local Access Provider)
  • General supervision system to guarantee the safety of people and equipment.
  • Fire detection, smoke extraction
  • Liquid leak detection
  • Alarms to prevent electrical or air conditioning failures
  • ...
Redundant network

Stay connected to the Internet with our 100% redundant premium network.

Modern data center

Your servers are housed in our own secure private data center with redundant cooling and power.

Usage charts

Your daily bandwidth usage is illustrated in detail.

24/7 support

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by email, phone or live chat.

Customized pricing

Modulated offers to perfectly meet your technical and financial needs

The goal for you is typically to:
  • switch from a capital investment mode to a monthly rent
  • reduce the operating costs of your machines
  • rely on teams present 24 hours a day, without managing human resources and planning issues
  • gain in flexibility for the management of your infrastructures, to support the increase in your needs, or their slowing down in a scalable and modular way
  • benefit from efficient air conditioning or electrical system solutions to guarantee service continuity without bearing the financial burden of infrastructure
  • take advantage of fire protection, security, video surveillance and access control solutions without investing in your own


Making calls via the Internet with perfect listening quality is now a reality. VIPNET telephony solutions allow you to reduce your telephone communication budget by more than 50%. Its alliance with the world leaders in Internet telephony allows it to transmit all your telephony traffic with exceptional listening quality to more than 200 destinations.


- Complete and permanent monitoring at all points of the infrastructure
- monitoring clusters distributed in our different Datacenters
- application and hardware supervision
- a direct link to our operations teams at the Network Operation Center (NOC)
- event tracking and logging system
- monitoring and receiving alerts in real time by email & SMS
- proactive analysis thanks to adapted trigger thresholds
- configuration of threshold values for anticipation of incidents
- information related to application performance
- Monitoring of network and system probes

VIPNET's alliance with the world leaders in Internet telephony allows it to transmit all your telephony traffic with exceptional listening quality to more than 200 destinations.